Online Integrated Science Course 2023

Online Science School Program – At Any time, from Anywhere

Key Points of the Course:

  • Subject: Science
  • Batch Size: Personalized Individual Tutoring
  • Session Delivery: Online through Google Meet. Assignments, Worksheets, and Study Materials are accessible through your Interestify Learning student dashboard
  • Session Schedule: Flexible Scheduling to suit your needs, with the ability to Reschedule on the go.
  • Number of Hours: For different-sized packs, chat with our support team

Enroll your child in our fun and interactive Online Integrated Course! Our experienced tutors specialize in teaching science courses to students between grades 6-12th and Graduation. This course covers crucial topics in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, helping your child avoid learning loss. Our tutors create personalized lesson plans tailored to your child’s learning needs, ensuring effective and engaging sessions. Don’t let your child miss out on the opportunity to learn!